Finding Balance Amid Chaos: My Fall Mississippi Wellness Tale

Hey there, beautiful souls!

As we navigate the breathtaking journey through fall, I’m opening my heart to share a personal tale with you—one that takes us back to a pivotal chapter in my life, a chapter of finding balance amid chaos, anchored in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Teaching in Greenwood, Mississippi

Picture this: Highschool is in session and there is a lingering sense of impending cold as winter approaches. I was a high school teacher, a biology educator, in Greenwood, Mississippi—a place that would come to hold a special place in my heart, despite its challenges. As I faced the beginning of each school year, a wave of anxiety and stress washed over me. The outrageous demands and thanklessness of teaching in America, coupled with the daunting atmosphere, weighed heavily on my shoulders.

Greenwood was a community with its own unique tapestry of social injustices and inequities, yet is a far to common story of the American education system. Amid the warm sun, there existed a reality where my students faced challenges beyond the classroom. Many of them were coming to school not just to learn, but to receive their daily meals. My heart ached for these young souls, who were grappling with life’s complexities at such a tender age. From high rates of teen pregnancy, failing school, and much much more. I wished to shield my kiddos from these adult problems.

Embracing the Chaos: Finding Light Through Coaching and Meditation

Amid the turmoil, I discovered solace in two places: coaching volleyball and embarking on the journey of meditation. Coaching was my sanctuary, my space to connect, inspire, and channel my energy into something that mattered. The power of moving our bodies and engaging in activities we’re passionate about is truly transformative. Volleyball wasn’t just a game—it was a lifeline, a way to break free from the chains of stress and anxiety. It was also one of TWO sports that my young girls could engage in. That’s another story…

But it was meditation that truly anchored me during those trying times. I remember chanting Buddhist meditations in my front yard, swatting away mosquitoes, and feeling the weight of my thoughts crashing like waves. … Maybe not CRASHING… more like drowning. The noise in my mind was deafening; finding stillness felt like an unattainable feat. I felt like I was feeding my anxiety trying to sit quietly. Yet, in those moments of struggle, I discovered a profound truth: practicing meditation during the storm makes you stronger when the clouds eventually part.

The Dance of Balance: Volleyball and Meditation

Meditation was my lifeline, my beacon of hope amidst the chaos. Even when progress felt elusive, the act of showing up and trying made all the difference. Every chant, every moment of quiet reflection was a step toward reclaiming my inner balance. And as I guided my students on their educational journey, I was also navigating my own path—one of resilience, growth, and self-discovery.

It wasn’t until I left Mississippi that I truly realized the impact of those moments of meditation. With each session, I had planted seeds of strength and clarity. The practice had taken root, blossoming into a profound source of stability and well-being. The lessons I learned while chanting in that front yard were my pillars of support, propelling me forward even in the face of adversity.

Embrace Your Journey: Finding Balance Amid Chaos

The tale of my time in Mississippi is a reminder that balance isn’t always found in stillness—it’s often discovered in the midst of chaos. As the leaves fall and the world around us transitions, let’s honor the moments of struggle that have shaped us. Just as volleyball and meditation guided me toward equilibrium, each of us has the power to uncover our own unique sources of balance and renewal. So, my beloved tribe, as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of life, remember that your journey is a tapestry of experiences that make you stronger.

Embrace your chaos, for within it lies the potential for profound transformation.

And when the storms pass, you’ll emerge even more resilient, standing in the radiant light of your own inner balance.

With heartfelt gratitude for your beautiful souls,

Shantee Scheel

Founder, Happy Healthy Holistic

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