Welcome to Core & Beyond, the program that will transform your body and your life.

If you’re a high-performing, purpose-driven woman of color in your 30s looking to get your body and mind in alignment, then this program is for you. You’ll receive the tools and resources needed to achieve true internal fulfillment, independence, and a mindset to live a vibrant life.

At Core & Beyond, we understand that you’re unique and value your time. Our deep core breath training exercises and back and core strengthening exercises will help you decompress and realign your spine in its ideal posture using the Core Brace. Through our goal-setting activity inspired by Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar, you’ll gain clarity on what you want to achieve and the steps it will take to have sustained health.

The program includes posture analysis where you’ll receive feedback on your progress through pictures submitted every 30 days. Our corrective exercise videos in a safe progression, 15 weeks of fitness and mind-body connection, and four workouts per week (30 minutes each) will help you eliminate pain, get aligned, and build strength in a safe and controlled way. You’ll also receive two meditations per week for your rest days, reflections, a posture analysis guide, check-ins from me, and support from our community.

But Core & Beyond is more than just a corrective exercise program. It’s an opportunity to explore yourself in a big way and see the body as a whole, not just parts. Our program is specifically designed for those with chronic hip or back pain who want to regain the ability to bend, lift, squat, and deadlift pain-free. You’ll learn how to optimize your body mechanics and awareness, and specifically improve your shoulder, arm, and elbow pain to get back to living active and pain-free.

Our clients see significant improvements both mentally and physically within 30 days with consistent effort and commitment. Within 90 days, you can expect a stronger, more aligned, balanced, and mobile back and core. The most important skill you’ll obtain from this training is learning how to properly brace your core, which is the central movement skill for all the Core & Beyond programs and will carry into the rest of your life.

We know that your core, hips, and shoulders will be in better alignment because of Core & Beyond. Don’t worry, this isn’t a crazy intense fitness program. It’s a corrective exercise program that will help you eliminate pain, get aligned, and build strength in a safe and controlled way. You won’t just feel better physically, but you’ll also gain the confidence to show up for your community and tribe, and achieve longevity and true internal fulfillment.

Ready to start your journey to a transformed body and life with Core & Beyond? We offer three different enrollment options to fit your needs.

  1. Choose our go-at-your-own-pace option, where you manage your weekly activity and receive posture analysis check-ins every 30 days.
  2. Upgrade to our VIP option and receive one weekly check-in in addition to posture analysis. Or,
  3. Experience our Platinum option for the ultimate Core & Beyond experience, with three weekly check-ins, corrections, or coaching to help you reach your goals, along with posture analysis.

With limited enrollment available, don’t miss the opportunity to achieve sustained health and live your best life with Core & Beyond.

Happy Healing!

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