Inquire: What is Limiting Me? Unlock Your Boundless Potential

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In my journey as a lifelong learner—so much so that my Gallup StrengthsFinder results rank “Learner” as my number two strength—I’ve made it a habit to constantly ask myself, “What is limiting me?” It’s not a question to incite self-criticism or self-doubt; it’s a catalytic query designed to shape our life trajectory.

The Power of the Question

The transformative beauty of asking ourselves what is limiting us lies in its ability to ignite empowerment, not guilt or self-blame. It’s a question that almost makes you stand a little taller, back straighter, and eyes fixated on your vision.

What Does “Limiting” Mean to You?

It’s crucial to clarify that limitations are not necessarily physical or even mental. They can range from constraints like lack of authenticity in expressing ourselves to inconsistencies in executing a workout plan.

A Catalyst for Authenticity

When we inquire about what is limiting us, we may find that it’s our reluctance to be our authentic selves. This reluctance can manifest in both personal relationships and professional settings, subtly suffocating our potential.

Inconsistency: The Silent Saboteur

We’ve all been there—determined to stick to a workout plan, only to find ourselves derailed within weeks. When we fail to maintain consistency, we’re unknowingly setting ourselves up for limitations.

Navigating Limitations: The Art and Science

In my practice, the phrase “the best choice is the choice you will be most consistent with” rings true every day. Whether it’s manual lymphatic drainage, corrective exercise, or any other modality, consistency is the key to breaking limitations.

Your Personalized Roadmap

Asking what is limiting us can be the beginning of a very personal and powerful roadmap for our lives. This roadmap may involve recognizing our physical limitations and using corrective exercise to break free. It might involve acknowledging mental or emotional limits and using meditative practices to gain clarity.

Conclusion: Own Your Space

“Limitation” is not a life sentence; it’s a starting point. And taking responsibility for our limitations is the first step in transcending them. By identifying what’s holding you back, you unlock the possibility of what you can become—both mind and body.

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With Light and Love,

Shantee Scheel

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