Shantee Scheel

LMT, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist

Shantee, the founder of Happy Healthy Holistic.

Shantee graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Women’s Studies. Shantee spent 4-years teaching K-12 as a biology and environmental science teacher. She has always believed that education is power. She believes it is magical to learn because once you truly understand something, no one can ever take that gift from you. 

Leaving the world of education was very scary for Shantee but she soon realized that so many people were in need of education about the postural dysfunctions and processes that cause pain within, and, to our bodies every day. Shantee took a leap of faith and moved to Denver to study massage therapy at MTIC in 2015 because it was a childhood dream of hers. Ask her about it! Shantee’s mission became to bridge the gap of bodywork and education to promote health and wellness in order to facilitate change in peoples lives for the better. 

Shantee has been an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and working with fitness clients since 2019. She wanted to get this certification to better serve her massage clients. She learned that, although you may be able to relax and alleviate sore muscles through massage, the real transformation came with movement and posture correction. She started by providing corrective exercises to her massage clients after their treatments. Soon, she was developing full fitness programs and seeing amazing transformation in the posture of her people.

During the Covid19 pandemic, Shantee was devastated when quarantine kept her from serving her clients in the way she knew how. However, her clients kept calling her and working with her in any way they could. This evolved into more in depth conversations surrounding health and wellness. When she wasn’t supporting her clients growth and evolution, Shantee spent all of her free time in 2020 studying for her Certified Health Coaching exam. She passed in Jan of 2021 and has been so grateful to serve her clients in a bigger way than she ever imagined.

She has a passion for education, loves playing in nature, practicing yoga, spending time with friends and family, cooking, global travel, playing with her dog and promoting health and wellness. Shantee’s goals are centered around educating and supporting people in their pursuit of wellness in order to become the happy, healthy, and whole person she knows they can be! 

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